About us

While localizing over 5500 games we often heard the request for higher quality, better prices and faster delivery.

For over 15 years we have wanted an end-to-end game localization platform.

We got sick of waiting.

So we created Alocai.

Alocai is an end-to-end game localization platform that integrates human creativity and AI to deliver superior gaming experiences.

Meet the team

Photo of Marie
Marie Amigues
Photo of Dominik.
Dominik Holicek
Founder Associate
Photo of Clemente.
Clemente Serrano
Software Engineer
Photo of Moffat
Moffat Gitau
Software Engineer
Photo of Kornel.
Kornel Szurek
Software Engineer
Photo of Fabiana.
Fabiana U. Najera
Product Manager
Photo of Carolina.
Carolina U. Yebra
Localization Project Manager
Stanley Agu
UI/UX Designer
Francisco Aguilera
Localization Project Mgt. Assistant
Photo of Amit.
Amit Manbansh
Data Scientist
Akshat Sharma
Data Scientist Intern
Ligia Bonini
Marketing and Events Intern

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