Translate Your Games with ModelWiz and Generative AI

ModelWiz is a cutting-edge machine translation system that has been uniquely designed for video games. To enhance its capabilities, we've combined it with Lange Language Models (LLM). This powerful integration allows highly accurate translations for in-game dialogues, marketing texts, EULA, and more. With ModelWiz and Generative AI, you can achieve top-tier AI translation quality with minimal effort.

How it works?

Integration with memoQ

Integration with memoQ through our plugin.
We believe that technology should make your life easier, which is why we've integrated Modelwiz + Generative AI directly into memoQ, a popular CAT tool used by industry professionals. You can access our plugin right from within memoQ, saving you time and effort. Register and account via the Alocai Platform and get a free 15 days trial without any credit card needed (limited to 50K words).

Through our platform Alocai

For those who prefer quick and easy translations, our Alocai Platform is the way to go. Simply copy and paste your text and get automatic translations in 15 different languages. You can also import and export files for even faster results, all within a matter of seconds. But please keep in mind that this usage is not intended for complex localization tasks. Register and account and get a free 15 days trial without any credit card needed (limited to 50K words).

Model Customization and Glossary integration

And for those who demand nothing but the best, we offer the option to customize our Modelwiz models with your game terminology and create your own glossaries. This ensures consistency and accuracy across all your translations, saving you time and money in the long run.

Talk with our team to discuss the best options

If you don’t have any MT model in place or you are unsure if your language service provider is using it or how you can use it into your process, contact us to give you the best advice for free. We are here to help. We believe that building a strong, supportive community is crucial for success in the video game industry. We value the connections we've built with our clients and partners, and we're committed to nurturing those relationships for the long term.


  • Highly accurate translations powered by ModelWiz and Generative AI.
  • Seamless integration with memoQ.
  • Customizable projects with model customizaiton, glossaries and AI prompts.
  • Streamlined localization process.
  • Support and experts consultation.

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Modelwiz is trusted by 100+ linguists and partners

“The MT results were good and certainly saved time. Most of the time, the sentences were well-paced and accurate. The general output was really good”.

D. Mede

Brazilian Portugese Linguist

"Alocai MT is showing really good promise. In my experience, it can be a nice productivity boost when localizing menus, options, system messages, etc. In quite a few occasions, when working on standardized sentences or segments with recurring patterns, Alocai’s rendition required little to no editing from my side. Alocai’s rendition was updated a few times on a file I was working on. Each time, there were clear improvements and I could see it was earning
fast from my own translation."

Lu. M

Italian Linguist

“I was very skeptical when they first offered to localize a game for me with the support of the MT. I have little knowledge about natural language processing and deep learning; I simply trusted technology and waited for the magic. And after a first tragic batch... the second one, oh my,  it does learn. Half the time needed in translation, an effective support tool, what post-editing is really supposed to be.”

Vero. F

Italian Linguist

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