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With the ModelWiz Tool, our on-premise machine translation, equip your localization team with a easy-to-access machine translation for content pre-evaluation in your gaming localization project, using our specialized generic model.

Harnessing the power of neural networks and the latest GPT model, our technology efficiently processes gaming content tags relevant to your project within a secure environment that protects the confidentiality of your content.
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The MT web tool for game localization

    AI-based Machine Translation is the future of video game localization.

    Use our web version to test the machine translation quality in a specific type of content or to perform quick MT tasks. If you require high accuracy and to translate langer volumes of content, then access ModelWiz via our plugin in MemoQ.

    Alocai’s ModelWiz technology allows you to localize strings quicker, more accurately and more efficiently. We have developed our own machine translation system in-house, building it with gaming-specific terminology and data.

    Don't worry about sensitive information being exposed - we've got it covered with our top-level data security measures that immediately ensure the deletion of all texts and files after translation. Sign up now for complete peace of mind!

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    • Easy Text-to-Text Translation
    The ModelWiz Tool can efficiently process relevant gaming terms, content tags, and localization strings, performing at the same level of quality as our CAT tool engine. Simply upload your game content manually.
    • Translate Localization Files
    The perfect tool to help streamline your gaming workflows – it supports industry-standard spreadsheet files that feature placeholders for an immersive and accurate experience. Export all of your results from this powerful system in the same easy format!
    • GPT
    ModelWiz is a state-of-the-art neural machine translation model specifically tailored to the video game industry. By combining it with OpenAI's GPT, you can significantly improve the quality of your localization with one extra click.

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