Better insights, easier communication, faster delivery

Queries & Answers

  • Fast & effective communication
Easily to clarify gaming and metaverse terminology that linguists may have through query-focussed workflow features
  • Upload & download files
Centralized Queries & Answers section within the platform that supports multiple files
  • Control Communication
Stakeholders are assigned to direct communication to relevant parties only.

Anonymous Chat

  • Resolve issues instantly
Facilitates instant communication between project stakeholders to resolve issues in real-time
  • Work anonymously
Stakeholders communicate anonymously with each other while communication content remains fully transparent
  • Centralized location
Appeals to the needs and requirements for linguists to anonymously interact centrally


  • Neural Machine Translation
Our proprietary end-to-end machine translation infrastructure outperforms Google and DeepL
  • Game-relevant terminology
Familiarization of gaming- and metaverse-terms processes, relevant content tags and localization strings
  • Format Support
Our ModelWiz translation supports gaming industry-standard excel files and contains gaming-specific placeholders


  • Direct work
Language companies and their clients can create a new order, approve the quote, and store the localization work directly on the platform
  • Reduce boundaries to delivery
Project managers communicate with their clients in the order's communication channel
  • All in one place
Keep conversations, quotes, and files historically organized and always available in one single place

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