A video game localization platform designed for the industry

Fast, stylish and effective

    As a result of our years of experience in localizing video games, we developed a platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of the industry. As a one-stop localization platform, Alocai fulfils a niche and provides a solution for localizing your content across the entire gaming ecosystem.

    Our platform comes equipped with Modelwiz and provides the ultimate localization platform to fulfil all requirements.

    Easily explore and coordinate your projects, orders, deadlines and resources. Stay updated on conversation topics, progress and complete your missions with ease.

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    Better insights, easier communication, boosted delivery

      Keep track of your localization activities with the dashboard feature. The Alocai platform shows an overview of orders, jobs, invoices and deadlines. You can also manually search for what you need via search bars.

      Enter chatrooms, add queries, upload and download project files. Regardless of the game, our video game localization platform offers a smooth and dynamic localization experience.

      We ensure that the platform ensures fast and effective communication between all project users. This means that you can now share insights and highlight specific localization requirements easier than ever before.

      The platform’s user interface displays all the important project information that you actually need. No need for second-guesses or manually filling out spreadsheets.  View your project's progress as checkpoints towards the goal. Know the status of each order and receive notifications on when they will be delivered. Easy mode: [on].

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      Modelwiz™ Neural Machine Translation

        AI-based Machine Translation is the future of video game localization.

        Alocai’s ModelWiz™ technology allows you to localize strings quicker, more accurately and more efficiently. We have developed our own machine translation system in-house, building it with gaming-specific terminology and data. ModelWiz™ can handle and process relevant gaming content tags, allowing us to outperform leading machine translation engines such as Google Translate and DeepL.

        ModelWiz™ supports spreadsheet file formats in line with industry standards, and also contains gaming-suited placeholders. This means that you can easily upload video game content manually or via spreadsheets. You will always receive fast, game-specific and relevant localized content.

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