For Language Service Providers

At Alocai, we equip language service providers (LSP) with a streamlined platform to simplify communication and increase collaboration between vendors and clients. With improved visibility into project progress, everyone involved can take advantage of enhanced results, from faster delivery times to better insights
—all in one seamless platform!

Queries & Answers

  • Fast & effective communication
Easily to clarify gaming terminology that linguists may have through query-focussed workflow features
  • Upload & download files
Centralized Queries & Answers section within the platform that supports multiple files
  • Control Communication
Stakeholders are assigned to direct communication to relevant parties only.

Anonymous Chat

  • Resolve issues instantly
Facilitates instant communication between project stakeholders to resolve issues in real-time
  • Work anonymously
Stakeholders communicate anonymously with each other while communication content remains fully transparent
  • Centralized location
Appeals to the needs and requirements for linguists to anonymously interact centrally


  • Neural Machine Translation
Our proprietary end-to-end machine translation infrastructure outperforms Google and DeepL
  • Game-relevant terminology
Familiarization of gaming terms, relevant content tags, and localization strings
  • Format Support
Our ModelWiz tool supports gaming industry-standard excel files and contains gaming-specific placeholders


  • Direct work
Language companies and their clients can create a new order, approve the quote, and store the localization work directly on the platform
  • Reduce boundaries to delivery
Project managers communicate with their clients in the order's communication channel
  • All in one place
Keep conversations, quotes, and files historically organized and always available in one single place

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