Audio Production & Voice-Over Recording

Audio brings the story to life and is central to a vivid and immersive gaming experience. We offer a complete package of audio localization services in over 50 languages.

We guarantee

  • An experienced team
  • Professional audio project managers
  • In-house engineers
  • In-house artistic directors and sound engineers
  • Global studio network
  • A worldwide network of over 100 specialized studio partners
  • A vast database of actors from around the world

We offer

Talent Castings

Our partnership networks provide access to over 13,000 actors around the world.

Buyout Contracts

For quality purposes, we outsource all multilingual recordings to ensure you receive native quality audio localization.

Voiceover Recordings

We provide advice according to specific characters.

Post Production

Industry-leading sounds engineers, artistic directors and audio leads comprise our audio team.

Quality Assurance

All projects are prepared, monitored, and quality checked by our team in Berlin to ensure high-standard recordings.

Sound Design and SFX

Passionate about the gaming industry, we strive to find the right sounds for your game.

Video Game Music Production

We will work closely with you to create music that matches perfectly with your game's narrative.

Rigorous post-quality testing. The delivery of files is set in the file formats of your choice. We include a script that contains all test changes to ease your subtitle integration.

Get Content to Market. Faster.

Alocai's culturalization platform leverages gaming-specific AI technologies and workflow optimization tools to get your content to market faster.

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