ModelWiz™ is our proprietary infrastructure in Machine Learning which is maximizing pre-translation outputs for developers' gaming data sets.
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Client repository

Pre-translate your source data such as dialogue, metadata, legal text, EULA, in-game text, marketing, website, etc​.
if you have translation memories – we will analyze them and build your own custom model,​ alternatively we will start with our generic base model to build your custom model.


API integrations allow us to instantly localize source content and deliver outputs directly to your preferred computer assisted translation software. File upload in our platform is also available.​

Data processing

Alocai’s machine learning professionals clean the data by removing duplicate source sentences, rectifying sentences with typographical or grammatical errors, transforming placeholder tags with suitable labelling and remove TMX tags when importing sentences from translation management software.

Model training & deployment

Safety first – your data is safe with us. We only use powerful in-house hosted hardware to train translation models. Our neural networks are at the pinnacle of the industry. It can be deployed directly in your translation management system (TMS) via ModelWiz™ API or you can use it on our Alocai platform.

Post review

Flexibility in how your outputs are reviewed. Either send them directly to your resources through our APIs, or allow Alocai to complete and deliver final translations.

Fine tuning calibration

After post-editors have completed their work, the model can be further improved. Ensuring a cycle of continuous improvement. Every time new data is added, the model improves.

We guarantee

  • Infrastructure offers end-to-end pipeline​
  • Designed for high quality game localization and culturalization​​
  • A simplified experience for fast-paced​ projects
  • Consistent high-quality output delivery
  • One-stop for game-specific machine learning localization​

Supported Languages

ModelWiz™ supports translation between English as the source language and the following target languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Spanish LATAM
  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Turkish

Why ModelWiz™?

Faster to Market

Speeds up the translation without sacrificing quality​

Adapts to game and product style

Support at each phase of machine learning model development​


Core value in the development

Respects privacy of clients’ data as we don’t mix datasets of other machine learning companies

Secured infrastructure​


In-house GPU hardware​

Deployment through API available for all translation management systems (memoQ, Crowdin, etc.)

Built for virtual worlds


Gaming Clients


Ecosystem Users


Target languages

How it works?

Model training & deployment
Post review
Data processing
Fine tuning
Client repository

Trusted by 100+ linguists and partners

“The MT results were good and certainly saved time. Most of the time, the sentences were well-paced and accurate. The general output was really good”.

D. Mede

Brazilian Portugese Linguist

"Alocai MT is showing really good promise. In my experience, it can be a nice productivity boost when localizing menus, options, system messages, etc. In quite a few occasions, when working on standardized sentences or segments with recurring patterns, Alocai’s rendition required little to no editing from my side. Alocai’s rendition was updated a few times on a file I was working on. Each time, there were clear improvements and I could see it was earning
fast from my own translation."

Lu. M

Italian Linguist

“I was very skeptical when they first offered to localize a game for me with the support of the MT. I have little knowledge about natural language processing and deep learning; I simply trusted technology and waited for the magic. And after a first tragic batch... the second one, oh my,  it does learn. Half the time needed in translation, an effective support tool, what post-editing is really supposed to be.”

Vero. F

Italian Linguist

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Alocai's culturalization platform leverages gaming-specific AI technologies and workflow optimization tools to get your content to market faster.

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