ModelWiz is our proprietary machine learning infrastructure, unleashing a neural machine translation engine that has been specifically designed for video games and for the people localizing them.

Get your game ready for launch with ModelWiz

Model Customization

Unleash the power of ModelWiz to create reliable customized models. Benefit from our translation memory (TM) training technology to customize your project's style—even for small projects!

With ModelWiz, you can easily get custom models that reflect the specific needs of your projects. Feel safe with our personalized attention to provide the reliability and accuracy required when integration your translation memory. You'll be able to save time and get better results with ModelWiz's model customization!

OpenAI's GPT integration

At Alocai, we can integrate a GPT model into our Modelwiz translations, so you can rest assured knowing you're getting high-quality results at lightning speed. With its conversational format, GPT eliminates the need for guesswork in order to produce accurate and timely translation output. It even admits mistakes, challenges incorrect premises, and rejects inappropriate requests—giving project managers a powerful tool at their fingertips. So if you want to take your video game localization to the next level of efficiency, look no further than ModelWiz with GPT enhancement!

MT Glossary

Bring your machine-translated video game localization to life with our MT Glossary! We'll help you give it an extra layer of authenticity by implementing unlimited termbases, a thesaurus, character names, and more—all tailored to ensure that your output is truly unique and exceptional.


ModelWiz neural machine translation can revolutionize the way you work. Our consultations are designed to make incorporating this cutting-edge technology into your workflow as simple and stress-free as possible, so that you can start experiencing its many benefits right away.

Localize your video games faster than ever before

  • ModelWiz is the only machine translation specialized in video games in the world.
  • We offer an end-to-end pipeline infrastructure (project customization, glossary support, etc.)​​
  • Designed for quality in game localization and culturalization.
  • IP security: With ModelWiz, your IP is secured, and its data is kept separate from other IPs.
  • Placeholders and tags: Unleash your creativity and craft beautiful translations that will delight gamers all over the world. Tags and placeholders are now identified and placed correctly in the sentence.

We guarantee

  • Infrastructure offers end-to-end pipeline​
  • Designed for high quality game localization and culturalization​​
  • A simplified experience for fast-paced​ projects
  • Consistent high-quality output delivery
  • One-stop for game-specific machine learning localization​

Why ModelWiz?

Faster to Market

Accelerates translation
by up to 80%.

We train models on client’s behalf​.


In-house GPU hardware.

Different file format supported.

Deployment on any platform through ModelWiz Engine.

Available for translation management systems: memoQ and Crowdin.


Respects the privacy
of clients’ data​.

Clients customized model are only available to them.

Secured infrastructure.

Built for virtual worlds


Gaming Clients


Ecosystem Users


Target languages

How the continuous training of our MT model looks like?

Model training & deployment
Post review
Data processing
Fine tuning
Client repository

Trusted by 100+ linguists and partners

“The MT results were good and certainly saved time. Most of the time, the sentences were well-paced and accurate. The general output was really good”.

D. Mede

Brazilian Portugese Linguist

"Alocai MT is showing really good promise. In my experience, it can be a nice productivity boost when localizing menus, options, system messages, etc. In quite a few occasions, when working on standardized sentences or segments with recurring patterns, Alocai’s rendition required little to no editing from my side. Alocai’s rendition was updated a few times on a file I was working on. Each time, there were clear improvements and I could see it was earning
fast from my own translation."

Lu. M

Italian Linguist

“I was very skeptical when they first offered to localize a game for me with the support of the MT. I have little knowledge about natural language processing and deep learning; I simply trusted technology and waited for the magic. And after a first tragic batch... the second one, oh my,  it does learn. Half the time needed in translation, an effective support tool, what post-editing is really supposed to be.”

Vero. F

Italian Linguist

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