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At Alocai, we equip game studio businesses with a streamlined platform to simplify communication between project managers and vendors. Improve the outcome of your projects by optimizing insight visibility, facilitating collaboration, and speeding up deliveries!

Fast, stylish and effective

    As a result of our years of experience in localizing video games, we developed a platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of the industry. As a localization platform, Alocai fulfills a niche and provides a solution to simplify the experience of localizing content across the entire gaming ecosystem.

    Our platform comes equipped with Modelwiz and ultimate solutions to fulfill project management. Easily explore and coordinate your projects and communication. Stay updated on conversation topics, and progress, and complete your missions with ease.

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    Modelwiz for Game Developers

    • Neural Machine Translation
    Our proprietary end-to-end machine translation infrastructure outperforms Google and DeepL.
    • Game-relevant terminology
    ModelWiz leads the way in video game machine translation, harnessing cutting-edge technology to create accurate translations for global gaming markets.
    • Custom solutions
    With customized models to meet your specific project requirements, Modelwiz provide a reliable solution no matter the scale of the project or the vendor you decide to work with.

    Better localization projects with Alocai platform

    Queries & Answers

    No more working with spreadsheets and never-ending email threads. Vendors and developers solve queries online with moderation features for managers. Track queries in your project by status, possible follow-up per query, notifications, and an export/import feature. Forget about copy-paste answers from emails.

    Localization Orders

    Create a new order for your vendor, approve the quote, and stay up-to-date on the progress directly in the platform. Organize conversations, quotes, and associated files systematically, and keep them all readily accessible in one spot.

    Alocai guarantees

    • Better insights, easier communication, faster delivery
    • Designed for high quality game localization and culturalization​​
    • A simplified experience for fast-paced​ projects
    • One-stop for game-specific machine learning localization​

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    Get Content to Market. Faster.

    Alocai's culturalization platform leverages gaming-specific AI technologies and workflow optimization tools to get your content to market faster.

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