Anonymous chat channels

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June 24, 2022

Through anonymous chat channels, linguists from the project can connect anonymously in a central location with a user code assigned by you, the language service provider leading the project. Game developers/publishers don't have access to chat channels.

There is a General channel created by default for each project. However, you can create channels based on languages or any other topic to meet the needs of the team.

In Chat rooms, you can add general communication rules for all your channels (1) or add specific instructions per channel (2).

Creating a channel

1. Click on the Add channel button

2. Select one of the languages from the dropdown or type and add the name for your new channel

💭 If the language you want to add is not in the dropdown, go to the Overview tab and add this language to the project Target languages

3. Add a brief description for the channel

4. Click the Create button

You cannot delete a channel or change its name after creating it.

Message thread

Names remain visible to your internal team in the message thread, but external linguists can see only the user code.

💭 Don't forget to add the user code for your external linguists on the Resource details page since it is required for them to send messages.

On the messages thread, the Project Manager and Linguistic Coordinator can edit, delete, and reply to messages from all users, while linguists can only reply.

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