When you think about video game events, the first thing that comes to mind (maybe after E3 gaffes) is Gamescom. The world’s largest gaming event has been taking place annually since 2009, bringing thousands of visitors and businesses to Cologne. This year, it runs through the 23rd to the 28th of August and is expected to top 2019’s attendance numbers. That was the last time it was held on-site, in person.

So here are a couple of things to keep in mind:


Why wait? This is a great chance to catch up with your network and ask if they are attending the event as well.  You can suggest meeting, catching up, and working through your ideas in a particularly inspiring environment, so who’s to say new opportunities won’t flourish?

Moreover, it’s smart to make good use of the online pass for the Meet to Match: you can research companies and contacts to set up meetings, all in a very embedded, organized schedule.

Meet to Match now lets you filter out companies outside your search filters. You can use onsite/online page filtering and hide companies that are not of interest to you in the list, making scheduling easier.

If at Gamescom you’re specifically seeking to improve your game localization systems or optimize game localization, you can already set up a meeting with us here. Just saying.


Speaking of scheduling, it is vital to pay extra attention to meeting details. The conference spans 11 areas, of which areas 2, 3, 4, and 10 hold business booths and meeting locations.

Don't underestimate the almost 220,000 square meters of the location! Make sure to schedule batches of meetings in each area as much as possible so you’re not running a marathon inside the building.

Also, aim for a realistic timeline – if you have a meeting finishing at 11:30 in area 2.1, then scheduling a meeting at 12:00 in area 10 is very risky. Your punctuality affects either your previous meeting, if you leave yourself too little time and need to leave early; or your later meeting, if you arrive late and disheveled.

Consider taking the train! Most train connections are a better choice these days. Given current flight costs, airport staff shortages, and sustainability improvements, you might be better off traveling by train rather than flying. Not to mention that the views along the way help make the trip very worthwhile.

Bring another coworker – if you can.

You can’t be in two places at the same time, but someone else can be somewhere you’re not. Therefore, check how viable it is to bring at least one more co-worker with you. In this way, you and your company can get the most out of the schedule by holding simultaneous meetings. The more the merrier, truly.

Bring swag with you.

Be cool. The event gathers businesses from all strata of the industry: indies, AAA, and gamers. Make the most of it. Don’t litter as a lousy attempt at guerrilla marketing, but you and your company could bring along some company swag as a treat for your clients. Get your name out there amid eye-catching settings like beautiful posters, high-tech showings, and all sorts of engaging content – don't overthink, just do you.

Connect, expand, and be ready.

With a global audience, a global mindset is vital. Did you know this is the most international Gamescom so far, with foreign exhibitors making 75% of the conference? Make sure to research the companies you’re intending to meet, and don’t shy away from being curious – they are there to improve gaming and seek growth as much as you are. We’re not suggesting you go too casual – gaming is a very relaxed industry in some ways, but it’s not without its own proprieties.

Each region has distinctive meeting approaches, and 1-on-1 meetings make all the difference. Be sure to be attentive and try to keep in mind, for example, how in some Eastern countries the first name and surname are given in the opposite order to the Western standard of the first name coming first.

We are ready to support you in similar endeavors regarding your titles, so your titles can be thoroughly enjoyed all around the globe. So if you’re looking to implement customized machine translation for video games or get top-quality game localization directly, you can get a quote from us here or make use of our free trial for game localization here.

Enjoy yourself.

For the industry, Gamescom does mean opportunities for business deals and brand exposure. However, that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this epic entertainment event! Quite the contrary: enjoy yourself, you deserve it! Business and fun are more intrinsic than not (especially since this is about video games...)

So be realistic and consider leaving at least an hour, particularly on the first press day, to explore and enjoy the consumer sections. Stay up to date with your interests, and have fun with all the activities at the conference before it opens to the public for an even better experience.

Keep an eye out for after-parties, dinners, and other similar get-togethers. People and companies from all over the world gather in the city for those few days. Make the most of it! People will undoubtedly be networking after the event. Why miss that?

And one final cherry-on-top tip:

No match? No problem.

While meeting times can span days, it’s still the equivalent of getting a glass of water out of an ocean. To leverage possibilities outside the divider that is accepted meetings, you can already tag your email or LinkedIn profile in your reach-out message to companies. That way, they can save your contact info or get back to you at a later point – even if you don’t have a chance to meet at the event.

Do you have any further tips? Can’t wait for Gamescom? Neither can we. You can schedule a meeting to meet us there within Meet to Match, or if you’re looking for direct high-quality video game localization made by professional translators in over 50 languages, you can start a 14-day free trial by registering here.

We wish you a great Gamescom!