The event celebrates individuals and organizations associated with the ThinkGlobal Forum, a global community with the mission of promoting insightful, creative, strategic approaches to various fields. Also supported by VistaTalks, VTQ Magazine, All Things Global, X Cultural, and Vistatec; the event took place virtually for the second consecutive year.

Think Global highlights those who stand out as leaders in their field through 16 unique awards.

Alocai’s achievements were recognized last year with the Technology award for our innovation in the video game localization process and in machine translation with ModelWiz™. The win was a great honor for us, and we are honoring it in turn by improving Alocai’s operability and features and honing ModelWiz™.

This year the category was won byAdapttech, a biomedical company that innovates through smart technologies to support clinicians in providing the best care for people with mobility limitations.

Other categories this year include Education & eLearning (Ingenium), Professional Services (Exclaimer), and Retail & eCommerce (NetWorld Sports). You can find all categories and winners here.

We congratulate our fellow Tech winner and all Think Global winners o their achievements.
Here's hoping for plenty more to come!