Inviting translators

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June 20, 2022

If you are an agency collaborating on various localization jobs assigned by another language service provider, you need to add the accounts for your team of translators according to the language pair or to the multiple IDs for CAT tools, for instance.

1. Go to the Users page from the sidebar.

Note: Only the admin user can edit this page.

2. Click on the Add user button.

3. Select the user role(s).

When adding more team members to the company account, consider the user role you want to assign to the new account:

Linguist Admin:

  • This user has all the editing rights for your company account
  • This user can invite more team members within the company account
  • This user can be assigned to jobs or added to projects
  • This user can see all the projects the company was added to by the client

Linguist user:

  • This user can be assigned to jobs and added to projects
  • This user can see only the projects this user account is added to

4. Add the new user account information:

💭 Remember that your client, the LSP, can access the list of your team members. Because of that, we recommend adding user information that not only will help your client identify your company, but also will allow you to keep your translators anonymous.

  • Add the company name to the Name field
  • Add a translator code on the Last name field
  • Add the Email. We recommend creating a language-related email or alias

💭 You don't need to worry in case you cannot create company emails for your users. The LSP has access only to the Admin email (the user that created the account) to ensure that your translators remain anonymous on the platform.

💭 A future update will include an option to choose to display the user name or company name to your clients and to hide their email.

5. The team member will receive a confirmation email.

When a user is invited, the new user will appear as Inactive on the list of users.

Once the new user confirms from the email sent, the toggle will change automatically to Active.

💭 If you need to change the user role assigned to one of your team members, please send us an email with your request to

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